Royal Bengal Tiger, Corbett National Park
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Elephant at Dhikala grassland ramganga river
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Corbett National Park
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Dhikala Grassland Corbett National Park, Corbett National Park Booking, Dhikala, Bijrani
Tiger Seen During Jungle Safari in Corbett National Park,
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Male Tiger Fighting for their territory in Corbett National Park Dhikala Zone
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Welcome to Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett Park is famous all over India. Jim Corbett Park is visited by many people to enjoy the weather there. Jim Corbett Park is a wildlife sanctuary in the state of Uttarakhand in North India. Rich in flora and fauna, it is known for its Bengal tigers. Animals including tigers, leopards and wild Elephants roam the Dhikala region. On the banks of the Ramganga Sanctuary, the Sonnadi region has hundreds of species of birds with elephants and leopards.


Jim Corbett National Park is a famous wildlife sanctuary located in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Travelers will get to enjoy a pleasing tour of the vast wildlife habitats of India. Here at Jim Corbett you can enjoy elephant safari, jeep safari and many other safari rides. The flora and fauna of the park is incredible and attracts tourists from all over the world. Jim Corbett National Park is famous for wildlife lovers in India. In this park, you will be exposed to many types of animals and awesome natural environment. Corbett National Park has a large variety of wildlife creatures. You can experience its activities at Jim Corbett Park.


The national park has a splendid atmosphere and greenery all around, which the guest finds incredible. Travelers will stay at the jungle resort and understand the many activities of wildlife creatures. You can also enjoy the campfire and watch movies on wild life.


Due to the abundance of camouflage in the reserve, Bengal tigers are not easily seen. The dense forest, Ramganga river and abundance hunting make this sanctuary an ideal habitat for tigers, who are opportunistic feeders and hunt in the category of animals. The tigers in the park are known to kill large animals such as buffalo and elephants for food. Tigers hunt large animals in rare cases of food shortage, often using the advantage of numerical superiority. The reserve weighs up to 200 pounds, providing a match for the tigers as a large male boar, which is quite capable of competing with the tiger. Lack of poaching has also led to tiger attacks on domestic animals.


Leopards are found in mountainous areas, small boats in the park include the jungle cat, fishing cat and leopard cat. Mammals include four types of deer, sloth bear, Indian gray mangos, beaver, yellow-throated marten, ghoriel (goat-deer, Indian pangolin and langur and rhesus monkey. Owls and nightjars can be heard at night.


Tourist Areas: To promote tourism in the regions, Corbett National Park is divided into five regions. These are the marked buffers or main areas of the park where visitors can be part of a wildlife safari and enjoy the breathtaking behavior of their animals.


Bijrani Safari Zone: Biryani zone is a very popular tourist destination due to the abundant natural beauty and open grasslands. The entrance to the zone is located just 01 km from the city of Ramnagar.


Jhirna Safari Zone: Jhirna in Corbett National Park is another important tourist area which is open to tourists throughout the year. Jhirna Gate is located at a distance of 16 km from the city of Ramnagar.


Dhela Safari Zone: In November 2014, Corbett National Park included in the Corbett Tiger Reserve Zone has a New Eco Tourism Zone. This is the only area in the Reserve’s buffer zone open to tourists at CTR. The region attracts a large number of tourists due to its rich flora and fauna, which is open throughout the year, which is located at a distance of about 13 km from the city of Ramnagar.


Dhikala Zone: Being the largest and most diverse region in Corbett, Dhikala is famous for its abundant natural beauty as well as providing the best view for exotic creatures. The entrance gate is 18 km from the city of Ramnagar. Night stay inside the Dhikala tourism area is highly recommended for hard core wildlife enthusiasts.


Durga Devi Zone: Located on the north-eastern border of Corbett National Park, Durga Devi zone is a paradise on planet Earth for those who are fond of bird watching. The entrance is located at a distance of 36 km from the city of Ramnagar.


Sitabani Zone or Buffer Zone: Sitabani Zone does not come under the Corbett Tiger Reserve Zone. If you are fond of natural beauty and serene environment, then definitely Visit the Sitabani area.